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Mulholland Drive

Updated: Jan 1, 2022

Happy New Year's Eve!

Would you rather be the driver or the passenger?

On our So Cal Christmas tour visiting friends and family, we headed up to the twisty-turny and famous road Mulholland Drive.

We could have taken the direct route to the beach but we wanted to see the beautiful views of L.A. and the valley.

Unexpectedly we also learned our friends and family are going through a ride full of twists and turns.

One family member’s ex is a “victim” blaming her for the poor outcome of his career.

A friend is leaving his wife and picking a new direction as he wants more excitement and new adventures even if it means hurting a loved one.

It feels like navigating the world around us can be like driving along Mulholland Drive which can either be enjoyable with ups and downs and great views or we might get car sick.

With any journey, there is a driver and a passenger and either a co-pilot or a backseat driver.

When navigating the road, the snap-back going around the curve can be great if slowing down ahead and accelerating out so the ride is more smooth. An inexperienced driver would just slow down in the middle of the curve, which jerks the passager around.

It’s ok to be a passenger as long as there is trust you are both driving in the same direction. Trust helps us keep from derailing.

But some people are unpredictable. If the driver decides to take a different direction, how are you going to manage if you are just the passenger?

Just like sometimes curves in the road:

It’s hard to know how people will behave when they make a lot of money.

It’s hard to know how someone will manage a career disappointment,

It’s hard to know how someone will adapt and adjust to a new city because of a job change,

It’s hard to know if someone can learn from failure.

Covid has taught us that some people know what they want and are determined to go where they want to go, some others are willing to coast along ignoring some personal failures and blaming others.

As the new year approaches, we all need to know what we would do if the pilot ejects, or if we are the driver who may want a new direction.

Which position do you want to be in?

It’s time to reflect on what you want and if your co-pilot ejects what will you do. We all need a backup plan.

The view can be nice depending on your perspective.

As you reach the end of 2021, the rear-view mirror doesn’t do much for you. 2022 is all about allowing you to become the new you and think hard about your hopes and dreams.

If you know someone going through a transition, maybe I can help. Pls email me at

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