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As an affluent woman, in today’s complex world, at some point in your life, you will likely be solely responsible for making all of your financial decisions. It’s not just that women tend to have complex financial lives - we live longer, careers are more volatile, and we are likely to care for children and aging parents but also statistics point to the necessity to develop financial prowess -  the divorce rate is at 50%; 80% of men die married and 80% of women die single; and women outlive their late husbands by 14 years.  There is a 95% chance you will be the primary financial decision maker for you and your family.  


What I noticed about myself a couple of years ago, I had my own money and career success but I was busy, stressed and my money was neglected. Women, including myself, just have so much more to juggle.  So I see women not engaged with their money nor their investments making costly mistakes! The reason? Most financial advisors do not ask you what is important to you and instead they usually focus on selling products and services to you regardless of your actual need.  Focusing on what you value, what’s important to you will lead you to engage with your wealth and help you lead your life with meaning and purpose. 

We believe the first step in engaging in your wealth is to begin the process of empowering you to Dream, Design, Plan and Invest. To do this, you need to explore what is important to you—where do you want to go and why—and we help you on how to plan and invest to get you there. To help you discover your priorities and create a blueprint, we take you through an exercise that involves identifying your Why, Core Values and design a financial and investment plan to get you there.  

You are Unique

So are your financial goals and personal dreams!

Every woman and family situation is unique, and we take a custom-design approach to our financial and investment management services in order to help you reach your dream life. We partner with you to create an investment plan that fits your needs, comfort level and risk tolerance.

Our goal is to work as your investment partner and trusted financial advisor so that you can: 

  1. Make solid financial decisions -

    short term and long term

  2. Help educate next generation

    on financial literacy 

  3. Make the most out of the money in your budget

  4. Plan for the future and grow your wealth so that

    you are more secure in achieving your dream life 

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