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Is Instagram healthy?

Is certain social media a Ponzi scheme ▲ or a healthy network ❓❓

A Ponzi scheme is a form of fraud that lures 🎣 investors and pays profits 💲 to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors.

Similarly, some social media algorithms lure 🎣 teenage girls to believe that perfect photos posted are of real women 👄 and pays profits 💲 from advertising funds to the company’s investors.

No one is perfect, perfect doesn’t exist and it’s a scam, but some teenage girls don’t know this. Life is all about managing uncomfortable feelings. Life is a little bit hard for everybody.

Some social media doesn’t show life's imperfections. It lures its victims to believe that life is perfect. Check out #WSJ article from last week.

So I asked my teenage daughters what do they enjoy most on social media? (they are not on Instagram 🙌) My 10th grader said watching inspirational videos taken by #Yale 🆈 students walking on the campus 🏫. My other daughter likes photos of her and her friends together - looking goofy 👽👾.

I tell them I like #LinkedIn because we are contributing to a community. To do this well, we have to be personable, authentic and giving 💗 which helps drive personal fulfillment and i help create #wealth for others which to me is a financially healthy network.

So next time my daughter uses a photo filter to turn me into Shrek's green wife I will ask her to do it again and post it here.

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