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Lonely Girl

Market is crashing

My 9-year-old is screaming at me!

No weekend plans with friends.

Worse, my husband tells me to do our taxes!

Calgon take me away!

The 1980s Calgon commercial shows a woman whose

- boss is steaming at her,

- baby is crying, and

- dog is barking!

Then the commercial shows the woman taking a luxurious bubble bath with a leg up in the air.

Who has that kind of flexibility?

I became an advisor because I understand:

- money is emotional

- It is not fun to organize taxes

- Investing can be intimidating b/c of terminology and volatility

- clients need help navigating the #stockmarket, the complexities of choices, and decision making.

For me this last weekend, I #mariekondo'd my financial life just as I had presented to Arnall Golden Gregory LLP female lawyers and partners last week that money doesn’t have to be emotional as long as you have a plan.

So I put my big girl pants on last weekend and

- Organized our taxes which helped me catch a deduction we should have been taking saving us some money $,

- Spent some quality time with my son at his swim meet,

- I did some gardening and

- Washed the dog

A crappy non-social weekend turned out to be a wildly productive one.

Sometimes when we are lonely it can feel satisfying to get something done so that we get it off our plate.

Last Thursday, I presented “Preparing Women for Prosperity” to Women Associates and Partners at Arnall Golden Gregory LLP. I’d like to thank Kathryn Hecker for inviting me to share my experience and financial journey – I loved the questions and enjoyed having the connectivity with women and learning about their concerns and financial topics to explore!

If you are in a transition (going through a divorce), I can help you prepare for prosperity!

Please reach out to me.

Your Friendly Wealth Engagement Guide,

Tiffany Kent

Wealth Engagement LLC

3715 Northside Pkwy NW

Building 100 - Suite 500

Atlanta, GA 30327

Office: (404) 795 - 6124 / (917) 826 - 5955

Disclaimer: All information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment, legal or tax advice, or an offer to buy or sell any security.

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