Things are getting better

  1. Daily COVID cases have seen a Rapid Decline from their January peak. At the same time the pace of vaccinations has picked up with the pace at 1.3 million doses per day, up from ~200,000 at the end of 2020 according to the NY Times.

  2. Stimulus is Coming. With much of the focus on the improving economy and the prospects for a large stimulus package from the fiscal side of government, it is also important to remember that the Federal Reserve continues to lean toward a dovish stance.

  3. Major US Averages Close at Record Highs. "The Path to least resistance for the US Market is higher" Mohamed A. El-Erian. Yes, prices are disconnected from fundamentals but there is just so much liquidity.... let's go back to Econ 101 there is so much more demand than supply.

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