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5 ways gratitude is the world’s most powerful drug.

Navigating New York City with kids and husband during Thanksgiving holiday week was taxing and exhausting, but I was thankful I knew what I was doing.

The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree, subways, taxis, Metro-North, Lunch at Blue Ribbon Sushi, dinner at Benoit, shopping at Zara and broadway tickets with COVID vaccination cards and Henry’s negative COVID test, we did it all.

No hiccups.

I was in control of everything.

It was a perfect holiday break but

It annoyed me that:

- my kids complained,

- the Lego store had a long line,

- my daughter didn’t get the lead part in the school musical

- the lack of thank yous from my girls for taking them shopping and

- I compared myself with others.

Why was I being so negative?

I opened the book I bought with me on the plane,

opened to the chapter on Gratitude, the World’s Most Powerful Drug.

What was missing? I forgot to be grateful.

How does being grateful change everything?

1. You open your day to opportunities, not obstacles.

2. You will be drawn to creativity and not complain.

3. Find fresh ways to grow.

4. It reduces intrusive thoughts.

5. Once you start to be grateful, your brain will start feeling and looking for more grateful things.

This is the world’s most powerful drug.

If you would like to learn more about how powerful gratitude can be,

author Ryan Holiday wrote this blog.

One Day Of Thanks Is Not Enough: Gratitude is a Daily Practice

If you are someone or know someone who is going through a major transition, I am here to help. It’s my honor to serve women who may not realize when they are in transition that they may need to make decisions that will impact their financial future.

Thank you!

Happy Holidays!!

Tiffany Kent

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