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Investing is Scary

Rereading one of my favorite books 📕 on investing, Stock Market Wizards by Jack Schwager, Jack’s first interview is with Stuart Walton, who fell into trading.

When Stuart first started out in the early 1990s, he took out a $50,000 loan against the $75,000 equity he put down to purchase his SF house and started trading.

In today’s numbers, he borrowed ~ $500,000.

📉 He lost 75% of it.

He lost $37,500 or more like ~ $375,000 (in today’s dollars)! 📉

If he told his wife 👫 he would have been a dead man. 💀

Stuart couldn’t sleep for an entire month. 😢 He lied to his wife.

Then someone gave him a tip and he leveraged up the bet again 🙏

He made it all back. 📈

#Investing isn't scary. Trading is scary, especially if you don’t know what you are doing and levering up.

Study after study, women are proven to be better at investing.

Why? we are NOT so reactionary.. guys sell first and ask questions later.

If you make a decision based on emotion it is never going to be a good one.

I assess the situation and decide if it's a buying opportunity.

YET I hear from my women clients ALL the time... investing is scary.

What they really saying is trading is scary.

Let's stop confusing #trading with investing.

How can we get more women to be investors??

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