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It Pays To Play Offense.

Recently, I noticed a patch of crabgrass on my lawn. 

Despite hiring a company to treat weeds, they never informed me about this particular weed's presence. 

I'm busy. We are all busy. 

I didn't address it until the weed had significantly spread.

When I called the company, they informed me that their service neither guarantees nor targets this type of weed prevention. 

Frustrated, I questioned the purpose of their service. 

It seemed negligent for the technician not to address or at least inform me about the problem. 

Had they been proactive a few months earlier, I would have engaged them to treat the issue rather than discontinuing their service due to their inaction.

This experience reinforced a crucial piece of advice I often share with my daughter: the importance of being proactive and playing offense, not defense.

The weed killer company was in a defensive position because it did not inform me about the problem proactively and they lost the business. 

Staying ahead means better positioning yourself to face challenges, 

unlike many who find themselves reacting rather than anticipating.

Many people lack an emergency fund, leading them to incur debt during an unexpected job loss. 

Others miss opportunities to leverage market downturns due to a lack of available cash. 

At my previous hedge fund, our strategy was to maintain a cash reserve.

This "offensive" positioning allowed us to capitalize during market corrections—buying when others were forced to sell.

One of my favorite books, Clear Thinking: Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results by Shane Parrish, echoes this sentiment. In the book, Shane talks about having a margin of safety and positioning—it's a great strategy for life and business. 

Lastly, a tip for parents with working children this summer: consider helping them start a Roth IRA. It’s a fantastic way to introduce them to proactive financial planning and help your kids be better positioned financially! 

Embracing a proactive, offensive strategy in finance and life doesn't just prepare us for the unexpected—it positions us to thrive. 

Instead of showing weed grass, here is a cute photo of my dog as a puppy on weed grass. 

Thank you for reading!!

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Tiffany Kent

Your Friendly Wealth Engagement Guide,

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