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LA Story

Moving from Connecticut to Beverly Hills brought a pivotal realization into my life.

On the East Coast, academic pedigree, impressive resumes, and intellectual prowess are highly valued. However, after relocating to the so-called 'Wild West' of California, I discovered a new path to success.

Here in LA, wealth often springs not from the alma mater but from networking prowess, a relentless hustle in the entertainment industry, and savvy real estate investments.

My own journey mirrors this unique LA ethos.

Leveraging my ability to hustle, I transitioned from Disney to my dream role in investment banking, a shift that seemed improbable before my move.

Working on Wall Street, you continuously have to hustle.

Our annual Christmas visits to Southern California to see Rich's parents and visit my college and high school friends have become a cherished family tradition.

Each visit to Los Angeles brings new lessons and insights, continually shaping my perspective.

This January marks the beginning of a new chapter, one I couldn't have imagined in my youth. I'm diving into an area I once avoided, aiming to blend financial education with storytelling to create video content that is both engaging and enlightening.

This journey has been a voyage of self-discovery, a deep dive into the nuances of a city with which I've had a love-hate relationship. Los Angeles, in all its layered complexity, has become the stage for both my personal growth and professional evolution. It stands as a vivid testament to life's unforeseen pathways and the city where dreams, once deemed unreachable, can indeed become reality.

Happy New Year!!

What are your dreams for the New Year? Please reach ou!

Tiffany Kent

Your Friendly Wealth Engagement Guide,

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This commentary offers generalized research, not personalized investment advice. It is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a complete description of our investment services or performance. Nothing in this commentary should be interpreted to state or imply that past results are an indication of future investment returns. All investments involve risk and, unless otherwise stated, are not guaranteed. Be sure to consult with an investment & tax professional before implementing any investment strategy. Investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible.

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