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Secret to Success

Recently my high school senior daughter has been stressed.

Grades, college essays, and tests.

Then it happened, she bombed a test.

I felt her pain.

So I said to her, “Being Enthusiastic is worth 25 IQ points.”

She didn’t believe me. So I looked up the quote.

Kevin Kelly, co-founder of Wired Magazine

published a book full of advice for his kids on living well.

“Excellent Advice for the Living”

But this advice wasn't enough, so I share my surgery story with her.

The night before a major surgery a year ago,

I had been stressed and scared leading up to the big day.

I knew I was going to have a bad night’s sleep the night before.

Luck would have it, I listened to a Vex King, book "Good Vibes, Good Life"

If we believe in negative things, we experience negative things.

So I decided to do the opposite, and not to be negative, but to be positive.

I told myself, "I’m excited to have this surgery, it’s going to be a great day."

I healed quickly and was back up and running in no time.

So I told Alexandra,

- you need to be excited about physics

- just like I made myself excited about my surgery and

- focus on how we are going to solve problems.

Otherwise, you will be swept up into the vortex of chaos theory.

Chaos theory says a tiny difference in initial parameters can lead to complex and unpredictable results.

Known as the butterfly effect.

This tiny difference - a positive belief and mindset has helped me grow personally and professionally in so many ways.

Now I appreciate that I had to have the surgery.

Otherwise, I would have never learned the value of positivity.

“There are no gains without pains.” ― Benjamin Franklin

I know it is hard to change our beliefs and turn something sad into something happy.

but if you can, it is magic.

Celia Fidalgo, PhD wrote a blog based on Kevin's quote above and said,

"People who can bring enthusiasm, engagement, and openness to ideas, even when they don’t naturally “care” about a topic, or even harder, when they disagree with point of view at hand, have a lot to gain.

They can learn new things, build connections, and influence others much more easily than other people."

So while sometimes my energy can rub some people the wrong way, for others my energy is helping me serve my clients better and it is helping me to continue to grow.

As I write this, my daughter texts me, she feels super good about a physics test she just took.

Sometimes we need a supportive guide in our life, to help us focus on the positive and not the negative.

If you would like a 2nd set of eyes on your financial plan, please just reach out!

Thanks for Reading!

Tiffany Kent

Your Friendly Wealth Engagement Guide,

Empowering women to take control of their future!

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