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Striking Gold

I embarked on a 90-day journey of creating and posting videos filled with enthusiasm!!

Coming up with ideas was easy.  

Filming was fun.  

My venture into video - I found myself learning the ropes from my 15-year-old daughter Kiki.

Friends and colleagues told me I was getting better and on a new learning curve.

Then I stopped at 30.

When I glanced at my phone, which is always overflowing with photos of my daughter and her friends, it painted a stark contrast.

Their regular get-togethers, dressed up and capturing moments, translated into a significant online presence.

Her posts garnered upwards of 600 views, while mine lingered around the 200 mark.

Her posts are more fun and entertaining.

My posts are more serious and make her and my other kids cringe.

This brought me to a realization that we are opposites:

I am a 51-year-old #LinkedIn (blogger) mother with a 15-year-old Instagram daughter.

Yet, I discovered my passion lies not in creating videos

but in the art of discovering and writing about it.

The process of creating content reminds me of the California gold rush—a modern-day prospecting for engagement and connections in the vast digital landscape.

Reflecting on this experience, I learned more about myself and what truly brings me joy:

- The feedback from my daughter's friends, who enjoy reading my posts,

- Old friends who DM me to share their appreciation,

- Reconnecting with old friends and

- Serving new clients

These connections bring me joy.

This, to me, highlights the real magic of writing.

This is how I choose to grow - this is my purpose. 

As for my daughter, I celebrate her journey and the potential paths it may lead her on.

In her pursuit of a music career, as yesterday she headed to Los Angeles for the weekend because she won a #YoungArts award for singing. 

It is not surprising YoungArts doesn’t list a LinkedIn presence on their website ;-)

Like my daughter, they have a strong presence on

I hope she will discover:

  • how fun it is to be creative,

  • it's okay to create some cringe-worthy content ;-)

  • A way to connect with the world through her songs, sharing her observations, feelings, and experiences in a way that resonates with others.

In the end, while the younger generation seeks fun and expression,

I find myself drawn to purpose and meaning through my writing.

This journey has not only been about discovering my preferred medium of expression

but also about understanding the impact and connection that content can create, regardless of the platform.

Reach out if the connection resonates with you!

Thank you for reading and not watching ;-)

Tiffany Kent

Your Friendly Wealth Engagement Guide,

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