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Thrifty in the City

One of the things I hate most about being a busy working mom is going to Costco.

- Can’t find parking.

- I have to dig out of my purse the membership card.

- It’s hot in the store.

- People walk slowly.

- I buy stuff I don’t need (like chocolate-covered raisins).

- It's a time suck and a value trap.

One thing that I love about investing is:

- I look for things that are not crowded.

- I seek value.

So for years, I discovered I can just order what I needed from Costco on Instacart.

- It saves me so much time.

- I don’t buy stuff I don’t need (like Adidas workout tops that don't fit)

But it's expensive

- I have to pay $100 for a yearly Instacart membership,

- pay a delivery surcharge,

- there is a mark-up on the goods,

But I’m clearly saving time.

When you make money, you can spend it to get more time.

So while I still highly value my time, I canceled Instacart.

When I talk to my daughter about the economy and how inflation is hurting families and businesses, she looks at me and asks, “Are we going broke?”

I tell her no, but it's a good time to look at alternatives:

- like where it's not crowded like the streets of NYC and

- to trade down!

I noticed an offer by #AmericanExpress Platinum card.

Amex has a deal with Walmart.

With Walmart Plus:

- There is no markup when you order items!

- #amex reimburses me for the monthly membership fee!

- Delivery is free!!

I was a little embarrassed downloading the app.

What if someone sees me? ;-)

I received our first delivery, and it's great! Probably saved around $30 in fees and mark-ups.

Yes the economy is slowing down, but we can be frugal and let companies beat each other up for our business.

Seeking value, the road less crowded, avoiding value traps, and membership - all have their privileges.

I'm not being paid by any company for this post. Just inspired by providing good #financialanalysis and #financialadvice #investing

Please email me if you are interested in attending an Investor Education event

and so you can learn how to invest today for a better tomorrow.

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Your Friendly Wealth Engagement Guide,

Tiffany Kent


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