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Why A Long-Term Plan is Your Best Financial Decision

It is hard for people to make decisions especially when they are long-term in nature because the future is so uncertain. Back in my early 40s, I was debating if I should retire and take care of my 3 kids (which is a dream for some moms) or pivot somehow in my career. I drove everyone crazy because I would switch from one idea to another. I suffered from the paradox of choice. Barry Schwartz defines the paradox of choice as the fact that in western developed societies a large amount of choice is commonly associated with welfare and freedom but too much choice causes the feeling of less happiness, less satisfaction and can even lead to paralysis. What kicked me into drive mode was the fear that if I didn’t figure out what I wanted which in my case was I wanted to figure out my career, I might end up in divorce, old, broke, and alone.

Without a financial plan or personal investment blueprint (which involves 3 steps dream, plan and invest) you might end up one day wishing you just made a decision about what you wanted. This is the right time for you to engage in your wealth and create a plan. Your long term happiness and wealth might depend on it.

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