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I went to a very rich high school.

I tagged along shopping with my friends who spent a lot of money using their parent’s credit cards.

Fast forward 30 years later.

A lot of my friends are now living on an allowance.

Their parents are fabulously wealthy.

My friends never had to work to discover their talents.

They didn't have to work to support themselves.

As a family we are budget conscious.

We stay in reasonably priced hotels.

We travel coach, sometimes comfort plus.

We don’t pay +$2,000/night to stay at a 5 star hotel.

But then again sometimes we splurge.

We had lunch at a Michelin star restaurant at Villa Gallici with our kids.

Fish, veal with secret sauce that was so delicious.

The white burgundy, a Meursault, was out of this world.

The lavender and rosemary smelled divine.

Beautiful roses and trees with flowers surrounded us with color.

Cezanne’s art studio was just around the corner in Aix-en-Provence.

Then my daughter asked, how can she afford to stay here when she is an adult?

Instead of telling her to just marry well like my mom told me when I was in high school, instead of telling her to just make lots of money, I told her to focus on her love - become a singer songwriter, publish, perform and then she can stay at Villa Gallici any time and not even think about the money.

Nice to experience such wonderful food, wine, fragrance, family and teach a valuable life long lesson.

The riches are in the experiences.

What experiences as a kid taught you about money and investing in yourself?

Your friendly wealth engagement guide,

Tiffany Kent

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