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How to be a rich girl

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

I went to a very affluent high school.

My single mom and I lived in a crappy apartment so I could attend Beverly Hills High School.

My friends were really wealthy.

- Kids of celebrities.

- Kids of TV producers.

- Kids of real estate developers.

- I even went to high school with Monica Lewinsky

My mom told me to just marry well, and I can live in an apartment in Beverly Hills like her!

But it was a crappy apartment!

And who listens to their parents anyway!!

Not many high schoolers think about their career, their future, I certainly never did.

The biggest win I ever had in high school was captain of the cheerleading squad.

But one day my English teacher said this to our class:

“If you want to be wealthy, all you have to do is focus on making money.”

Is it really that simple?

Well, kind of, yes.

When you don’t have money and you are told you can make money by focusing on making money, I can tell you it works.

What if you are a wealthy parent reading this?

The odds are not good that your kid will be as hungry as I was when I was young.

Your kids also know if they are wealthy because kids can tell if they live in a nice house, private school, country club, Range Rover …

What do wealthy kids do?

Some don’t even try to make money.

Unless you do one thing.

Tell your child, “I (you, the parent) am the one who is wealthy.”

Then tell your child, “you, (meaning the kid), you have no money.”

Even Shaq O'neal tells his kids, "I'm rich, you are not."

I know several successful #businessowners who are successful on their own even when they came from money.

The above statement is what their parents told them.

If you don’t have money and want to make it, listen to my English teacher.

It doesn't matter if you are 17, 22, or 52 years old.

Some of us like to build and create things on our own and not have others hand it to us.

Encourage your kids, your daughters, or your partner, to be financially independent.

The world is full of discoveries, secrets, and treasures.

It’s fun to build something from scratch.

If you want your daughters to be financially independent, please sign up for my blog!

Tiffany Kent,

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Disclaimer: All information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment, legal or tax advice, or an offer to buy or sell any security.

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