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LA Story

Most aspiring actors, when they move to LA, want to see if they can make it.

They arrive with little money.

They get a job serving tables and get a roommate.

They go on auditions.

They get rejected 99% of the time.

But they keep trying.

They are starving artists.

Growing up in Beverly Hills with my single mom,

I didn’t want to pursue anything creative or anything my mom did.

She was a talented musician, singer/songwriter, and she wrote a 'screenplay', of course!

My high school was filled with the rich and famous.

But I didn’t want to be a starving artist.

So I did the opposite and headed to work in finance.

When I first started writing these posts 2 years ago, it was scary.

What if people laugh at me?

What if I write something stupid?

Around the same time 2 years ago, I walked up to 2 moms, one whom I knew at a parent coffee at my daughters’ school.

I felt uncomfortable and then

I was introduced as “This is Tiffany; she writes a blog” to the other mom.

Instead of giving me a high five and saying, “Hey, that is so cool”

One mom looked at the other and gave her a look.

Admittedly the blog was boring.

The two moms went back to speaking as if I wasn’t there.

I excused myself and walked away.

Then this past weekend when my husband and I decided to go to LA to attend a friend’s party, visit with some of my clients and school friends, I realized two things:

1. I now do the one thing I never dreamed of doing. I search for stories, try to find a lesson and write about them.

2. Most famous people don’t make enough money from movies to afford the expensive LA lifestyle.

Most actors, doctors are rich from investing (usually in real estate), just like Arnold Schwarzenegger did or they start a business.

As an investor, I have always looked at the world around me for investment ideas, but now as a creative, I look around the world for fun stories, lesson I've learned to write about and share them here.

Everyone should explore and do uncomfortable things - you never know where it will take you.

How can I help you? If you feel a bit uncertain about your financial future, please reach out!

I'm here. Thank you for reading.

Tiffany Kent

Your Friendly Wealth Engagement Guide,

Empowering women to take control of their future!

Disclosures: Past performance is not indicative of future results. This material is not financial advice or an offer to sell any product. The information contained herein should not be considered a recommendation to purchase or sell any particular security. Forward-looking statements cannot be guaranteed.

This commentary offers generalized research, not personalized investment advice. It is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a complete description of our investment services or performance. Nothing in this commentary should be interpreted to state or imply that past results are an indication of future investment returns. All investments involve risk and, unless otherwise stated, are not guaranteed. Be sure to consult with an investment & tax professional before implementing any investment strategy. Investing involves risk. Principal loss is possible.

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