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Tips for Working Moms during Covid-19

New York Times and Wall Street Journal have both highlighted the guilt and the struggles women are dealing with during this pandemic. Here's my quick summary of how we can best manage these challenging times.

  1. Give Children a Voice in Your Work Life. When I'm investing my client's wealth into stocks and bonds, if my daughters come to talk to me, during work, I take the time and explain to them what is it that I'm doing. I talk to them about monetary and fiscal policy and how the V shape recovery is driving the stock market. One of my daughters looks up on her Greenlight account and how she can start to invest her own money in stocks that she loves.

  2. Appreciate your Time in the Car. Given we are home a lot more these days, I've learned to appreciate my time in my car. If I'm by myself I catch up on CNBC or other news. But if my kids are in the car, my goal is to have a meaningful conversation starting with specific open-ended questions.

  3. Visualize your day, the day before. When I forget to plan my day in advance, I'm playing defense all day long, running around like my hair is on fire. By planning my moves the night before and visually planning my day, I'm playing offense, less stressed, making great strategic plays by not forgetting stuff at home, running stops that are on the way, scheduling pick up and drop off times with my kids that are bunched so that I'm using my time the most efficiently.

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