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An unexpected gift we all have within us.

Part 4 out 5 lessons I discovered on my journey. 

Growing up in Beverly Hills in a crappy apartment with my single mom, 

I always felt ashamed.  

The last thing I wanted to talk about as I got older was that I grew up among the rich and famous, but I didn’t grow up wealthy. 

However, it was the best experience a girl could ever have.  

And I didn’t discover this gift until I was in my 40s.

My unique background gave me a superpower. 

The movie 8 Mile also highlights this superpower even better than my personal story. 

8 Mile showcases the life of Jimmy Smith Jr., a.k.a. Rabbit, portrayed by Eminem, who navigates the gritty reality of his existence in Detroit, (a far cry from Beverly Hills).

The climax of the film, where Rabbit enters the rap competition, is a testament to the power of embracing one's truth.

He flips the script on his detractors by owning his background, his mistakes, and his so-called weaknesses, turning them into strengths, and he wins the competition. 

This pivotal moment underscores the message that our unique experiences and truths are not liabilities but assets.

Just as Rabbit discovered his voice and strength through embracing his background and personal story, my own path from feeling ashamed of my upbringing to recognizing it as a source of power and confidence illuminates the same truth.

Living in an apartment in Beverly Hills among the rich and famous or hiding parts of my past while working on Wall Street, was integral to who I am.

It shaped my perspective, resilience, and ability to navigate diverse worlds.

My upbringing, once a source of shame, became a wellspring of confidence.

“Vulnerability is scary, but your complete self-becoming depends on it. Sharing your true self takes courage. But it’s also liberating. Vulnerability allows you to experience life in all its raw, beautiful complexity. Your flaws, quirks, and messy edges make you, you and that’s pretty darn awesome.” - Thomas Oppong

I leaned into my authentic self; this is my superpower, which gave me the confidence to pursue my next career pivot.

Part 4 out of 5: Embrace your uniqueness.

The photo is of me and my girls on rooftop shopping in Beverly Hills. 

If you are not sure what your assets (Tangible and Intangible) are, please reach out!

Thank you for reading!

Tiffany Kent

Your Friendly Wealth Engagement Guide,

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