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Outside the circle

It feels nice to fit in. 

To be accepted as part of a group. 

I loved briefly being part of the popular girls at Beverly Hills High School. 

I loved being part of the boys club while working in NYC at a hedge fund. 

I loved being part of a group of mommies at my daughter’s school. 

There is so much safety in being part of the tribe. 

No one wants to be an outcast.

Acceptance to a group feels awesome. 

When you are part of a community, you gather and share information.

Survival within the group is hard, but survival outside the group is even harder. 


- I got asked to leave, or

- I no longer fit in or 

- I left voluntarily or

- We moved to a new city

I felt isolated, rejected, and lost a sense of belonging. 

But the fear of leaving a group can hold us back from taking risks and reaching our potential - writes Shane Parrish founder of Farnam Street and

book Clear Thinking, Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results. 

And every time I was an outcast, I had to figure out a new way - 

- a new group of friends, 

- a new identity

- a new way to look at my career, my industry

- It pushed me out of my comfort zone. 

Doing something differently means you might underperform 

but it also means you will change the game entirely. 

Every time I was outside the circle, 

- it helped me explore new ways to connect with others, 

- rely on my own resources 

- figure out a new way to navigate the maze of Wall Street

- to discover a new source of resilience 

It helped me find new tribes.

A huge thank you to Alice Park 

Photo credit Alice Park Photography

Reach out if you are going through a transition;

you may need a new perspective from outside your current group.

Thank you for reading!

Tiffany Kent

Your Friendly Wealth Engagement Guide,

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